Bog-Eyed Book Festival, Wednesday 11th of April

This Wednesday, local children’s comic author Gary Northfield, is hosting Lesnes’s inaugural Comic festival!

The Festival runs from 11am until 3pm, with authors:

11-11.45 Wilbur Dawbarn – Get your character up and moving and running and jumping and having a well-earned lie-down with Character Dynamics!

12-12.45 Gary Northfield – Will teach you how easy it is to create your own cartoon characters and put them in a comic strip.

1-1.45 Tor Freeman – Brings your cartoon characters to life with character development and expressions

2-2.45 Sarah McIntyre – For younger readers! Sarah introduces her new children’s picture book “The New Neighbours”, including a reading and shows you how to draw her fun and exciting characters!

Tickets £5 per child!


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