Map Making and Orienteering

Get your class interested in geography by developing their practical skills through our orienteering, geocaching and map making sessions.


The class will discover how to read a map and co-ordinates along with setting a compass to north and using it to determine direction before heading out to complete the Lesnes Abbey orienteering trail. The posts are hidden in various locations across the site. This activity will encourage team working whilst improving confidence in map reading.


Geocaching involves using a tablet with an interactive map and in-built compass to find caches hidden about the Lesnes site. This activity is recommended for older age groups.

Map Making and Map Skills:

The class will learn about map features such as compass points, co-ordinates,
landmarks and symbols along with using a compass to determine north and
direction of travel. Afterwards the children will divide into groups and take a short walk into the woods to collect natural materials to make a map of Lesnes Abbey. They will use the foraged materials to represent the different physical landmarks of the site such as the ruins, woodlands, monk’s garden and abbey arches.

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