Stone Age Experience

Travel back in time with our stone age experience sessions and discover what life was like in this interesting period of human development.

Shelter Building:

Classes will venture into the woods and become Stone Age dwellers as they learn what skills were required to survive in this harsh time period. By dividing
into teams, the children will develop their team working abilities as they make their own stone age shelter. The children will understand the necessity to build a place to protect from the elements and the materials available at the time before foraging for their own to make their shelter.

Cordage and Tool Making:

Classes will learn and discuss the three main requirements for survival in this age along with examining some of the materials available for tool use. After this the children will learn the ancient skill of cordage (rope making) before fashioning their own stone age tool with flints and sticks. Dividing into teams, the children will compete in a miniature relay to see which team’s tools can unearth their food the quickest.

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