• Rocks and Soil’ Fossil hunting in the Lesnes Abbey fossil pit and investigating different types of soil. We also have examples of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks that can be viewed under a variety of microscopes, bringing the curriculum to life!

‘Habitats’ Explore habitats at Lesnes including ponds, meadows and woodlands. Students are able to pond-dip, then use field microscopes to look at the metamorphosis of tadpoles in detail! There is also the option of bug hunting, with nets and ‘puters’ (a device that lets you suck an insect into an examination jar) PLEASE NOTE: Habitats best in Summer term!

  • ‘Human Anatomy and Animal Adaptations’ Discover the amazing body using our human skeleton, fun experiments and interactive organ games before learning about how animals are adapted to their differentĀ habitats by examining a range of physiological features on skulls!
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